Friday, December 3, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I was texting my mom this morning and we somehow got to talking about my 18-year-old brother flying to Denver alone tomorrow to hold his first revival.  When she told me I felt like I was trying to swallow an apple whole.  My baby brother is flying all by himself? To hold a revival?  It blows me away.  All I can do is shake my head and think about when we all were little and still living at home.

We were big on playing pretend games -- especially "house."  I would always have the fancy names like Cordelia, Veronica, or Cleopatra.  Jacob would be Paul -- because that was his middle name.  Philip would be John -- or some other "plain" name like that.  Sara would always be Sis in anything we did, and then baby Megan would always be Maggie.  We would have so much fun together!  Even after Tommy was born we would have fun together.  I have always loved living in such a large family -- sure, we had our share of fights, and sometimes I wish I had my own space, but I wouldn't have traded any of my siblings for anything.  I loved sharing bedrooms, piling on the floor to "sleep under the Christmas tree" or confiding in one another when we were upset or had a delicious secret.

Now that I live away I wish I would have done certain things differently.  I wish I would have spoke kinder words to my sister.  I wish I would have spent more time with my baby brother.  I especially wish I would have hugged my dad more.

Now here we are, growing up and starting lives of our own.  I can't believe I've been married for nearly 3 years and have a baby of my own!  And now my brothers are preachers and doing their part sharing the gospel.  I'm so proud of my family!

Don't ever take the ones you love for granted.  Life is too short to hold grudges or take offense if someone hurts you.  I don't ever want to feel like I missed out when it comes to my family.  Hug the ones you love today!

What do you love or miss the most about your family?  Please e-mail us or leave a comment below with your answers!


  1. great... now you have me crying too!

    I know exactly how you feel. My brothers are all grown up, graduating, finish college, turning 19!!! EGADS!!! I look and realized that umm.. I was engaged at 19. What?!?!?!?!

    Weird... I just saw you commented on my blog just now.. even as I'm commenting on yours. WEIRD!!!

    Sigh... it's hard being away from my family but I love how close the distance has made us, if that even makes sense. I talk to my parents every single day: Dad on my way to work in the morning and Mom on my way home from work in the evening, then I talk to my brothers through text or during lunch. It's nice because instead of fighting like we did as teenagers, we talk, share secrets, they confide in me, ask my advice, and then actually listen to what I have to say.. it's amazing the difference in our relationship.

    The older you get, the more precious family becomes to you, especially when you do have such distance keeping you apart.. but you know what they say, "Far apart but together in heart!"

  2. Your comment is like a sequel to my post! "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" isn't just meant for your soulmate. :) It's perfect for the family we leave behind as well!

    I'm thankful for phone calls and text messages from my family. It means so much that we're still close even though there's a couple thousand miles in between us. And, like you said, I love how my siblings -- and sometimes parents -- share secrets or confide in you still. It means so much..

    Sigh.. one day we'll live closer again.

  3. Way to go Grace... Just go ahead and make me look like a blubbery baby right in the middle of the airport... ;)Love you Grace!

  4. Colin "Dad" ShulerDecember 6, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    I love you Gracie! I wish I had hugged you more too... I seem to have a hard time showing my feelings. Please know that I love your new family and I'm very proud of you. We are looking forward to your visit after the holidays.

  5. Awwwwww, is that really your dad? How sweet.

    I wish I could see my sisters more. I miss how much we understand each other and laugh at the same silly things. We can do that on the phone too, but it's not the same. As for my brother, I don't really have a relationship with him at all. I wish I did. You are lucky.

  6. I love you Dad! See you soon!

    Yes, that is my dad. I love him to pieces!


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