Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talk about heebie jeebies

We gave Zoe rice cereal for the first time last night.  I think the look on her face tells you what she thought of it.

Paul and I laughed so hard watching her try this stuff for the first time!  Whenever we would give her a bite she would get the funniest look on her face, and then out of nowhere she would get the heebie jeebies.  We died from laughter!

I don't know what she thought to be honest, but we plan on giving it to her before bed from now on.  She slept nearly 9 hours straight!  Hallelujah!  It felt amazing..


  1. Did she do the shudder thing. That is always so funny!

  2. Yes she did! It was hilarious! Last night she handled it a little better but she was so crabby that she cried in between bites. Paul held her and tried to soothe her.


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