Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just like any new mother I love to read all the tips and advice I can find on babies and parenting.  Some things I read I agree with while others I hit the delete button and go on my merry way.  This morning I had an article waiting for me titled "Co-sleeping: Is it safe?"  Immediately I was interested in what the article said since co-sleeping/independent sleeping is such a controversy these days.

I personally co-sleep with Zoe and we all love it!  Paul included. :)  There was no way my newborn child was going to sleep all alone in another room.

First off, the article said that in the U.S., 13% of infants routinely co-sleep, and nearly 50% co-sleep for at least part of the night.  For some time many said that co-sleeping could result in SIDS.  According to Attachment Parenting International (API), "The research has shown that co-sleeping does not increase the risk of SIDS, if practiced following guidelines that create a safe sleeping environment for the child. Further, some research has clearly identified how co-sleeping may reduce infants' risk of SIDS due to the lighter sleep and synchronized parent-infant sleeping patterns associated with this practice." 

Even Dr. William Sears said, "infants who sleep in a crib are twice as likely to suffer a sleep-related fatality (including SIDS) as infants who sleep in bed with their parents." According to Sears, "The answer is not to tell parents they shouldn't sleep with their baby but rather to educate them on how to sleep with their infants safely." 

Of course this got me thinking -- so I googled.  Yes, I googled.  Here is what I found when I looked into the psychological benefits of co-sleeping.  To read the full article click here.  Plenty of moms think that co-sleeping results in clingy, dependent children.  Instead, co-sleeping results that children who once co-slept have been found to have higher levels of confidence, self-esteem and intimacy.

I'm sure plenty can find pros about independent sleeping as well.  All of us as mothers need to do what is right for us and leave well enough alone.  For me, I feel more comforted in the security of knowing how Zoe is doing throughout the night.  If she chokes on a little bit of puke, I know because I'm right there.  Also, because I am breast feeding, co-sleeping is so much easier on me.  Mainly because I can rest while she nurses and we both fall asleep soon after she's done.

Co-sleeping is what's right for me.  I choose to keep Zoe close by, whether she sleeps in the bed with me or in her bassinet.  I personally feel so much more rested doing so which means taking care of Zoe during the day is easier.  When I feel she's old enough she will sleep in her own room in her own bed.  Until then.. I choose to cuddle with my whole family!


  1. You slept in the same room with your parents until you were about 4 or 5... All of my kids slept with me and I wouldn't have it any other way. I actually hated the day that the babies started sleeping in their own rooms...

  2. My mom was big on the family bed and I'd like to do that too, when and if we have kids. But my husband doesn't sound too keen on it. We'll see.

  3. You can find substantial research supporting both, just like anything. The thing I always wondered is how do you break a child of it? We never did the "co-sleeping" thing so I have no idea how you would break a child of it. And when is it "weird", if you know what I mean, to have a child of remembering age sleeping in the same room? Curious how people can do things SO differently and be so happy with the different results.

  4. Like I said in my post, we as mothers need to find what is right for US and go with it. What works for you may not work for me, but that's ok! We're all made differently.

    As for weaning a co-sleeper, I suggest doing your research of course. There are plenty of options online that are easy to follow whenever you're ready for the change.

    Most children, 4-5, can wean themselves. They feel like big kids and want a big kid bed. The thought of a "big kid bed" gives them the confidence they need to sleep on their own.

    Weaning a co-sleeper isn't easy as pie, there can be some struggles at first, but isn't ALL weaning a little rough?

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  7. I see no problem with co-sleeping... for a time...

    My baby (we'll call him "J") slept in my bed until he was somewhere between 18 and 24 months old. Then he transfered to a toddler bed. Part of the reason was because he was terrified of the crib (that's another story altogether) and also, for the first ten months, he was nursing. I didn't mind him sleeping in my bed but I made sure he could self-soothe and fall asleep on his own as well. Nap time is a good time for that!

    Just like any other practice, there are parents that take their position to unhealthy extremes on both ends of the spectrum. But I believe that most parents find their own balance and it may be different with each child-depending on the child's disposition.

    Well... that's my two cents.

  8. Thank you for your two cents! I like hearing people's opinions.

  9. we co-sleep too! It works best for us! thanks for sharing this :)


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