Friday, December 17, 2010

Good morning. What's that smell?

I absolutely love that Paul is done with finals and we can ::sleep in:: every morning.  WOW!  It feels so good..  There's just something magical about waking up with my husband and baby in bed with me.  It's simply amazing!

But there was one thing that wasn't so magical..

That would be the smell of a poopy diaper.  I.C.K.Y.  I knew I was smelling something funky when I woke up, but I thought it was her usual morning gas!  Nope.  It wasn't that.  It was the real deal.  A diaper full of poo.

Aside from that, it felt good to get up and start brewing coffee, feed Baylee, hide from the Jehovah's witnesses that were at my front door, work more on Christmas cards, and kissing my baby good morning!  It was simply a wonderful morning!

I plan on being completely finished with cards tomorrow morning and will put them in the mail so if you sent me your address, be on the lookout!  If you didn't send me an address, well, sorry Charlie!

I have so many things to do before Christmas.  I'm running out of time!  This Christmas is going to be wonderful spent with our little Zoe!  And as my little sister pointed out, only 20 more days before we head to Arizona!  Wahoo!

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