Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a couple of baldies

What hair Zoe had at birth is slowly falling out and white blonde hair is growing in.  Though hair is growing in, she still looks bald at the moment!  She's adorable with or without hair.

Unlike Zoe, without hair I look like a freak..

Maybe not a freak, but certainly not adorable!

I've noticed that the past month or two I have been losing my hair. I didn't think much about since I've heard/read it's normal to lose hair after giving birth.  I continued to take my prenatal vitamins (I've missed a day or two here and there..) and figured I would eventually have new growth patches.

Well, I looked in the mirror today, and realized to my horror that I'm still losing hair.  I'm slowly receding more and more and it's getting more noticeable.

Ladies -- please leave me comments!!

  • How much hair did you lose after birth?
  • Was it noticeable?
  • Did you end up doing/using something to help your hair grow back?
Any and all information is much appreciated!  I'm trying not to freak out, but I'm a woman!  I'm not supposed to lose my hair -- especially at 21!  Ugh..


  1. I've been pulling it out in globs for the last 2 months. So not cool!

  2. I lost a lot after having Tyler and it lasted awhile. It just takes some womens bodys longer to get hormones leveled back out. Plus with nursing it takes longer. I thought I was gonna be bald with the amounts of hair I lost every shower. But after a period of time things straightened out.

  3. Aunt Lori lost chunks of hair after Allie was born. As you can see--- it has all grown back! She never went bald, but it was just thin for a while. I'm sure this will pass. Hope you plan to continue on those PN vitamins anyway... at least until you are no longer nursing.

    Love ya-
    Aunt Carmela
    aka Nini

  4. My baby hair is growing in! WOOHOO! I'm still taking my vitamins -- when I remember..


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