Sunday, October 31, 2010

I think this calls for a double shot

This past weekend was our local church's picture fundraiser.  We do it every year around this time and though it's a lot of fun.. it can be work!  Zoe and I were up there all day Friday and Saturday, and I have to say, Zoe is the best baby I've ever seen!  She did so good this past weekend!  She barely made a peep the entire time.  Almost like she wasn't even there.  And, we did it without a pacifier.  You gotta give me some props for that mommas.

Paul and I were so excited that we had a baby to take pictures of this year!  I was a little nervous because I had no idea what Zoe would be like.  Would she smile at the camera?  I hope she doesn't cry.. etc.  

Well.. here are a couple pictures my mother-in-law snatched during the session.  You tell me how she did..

That smile can brighten any person's day!

I love my little lady!

Pretty much she was adorable and the easiest baby to get to smile.  All Derek (the photographer) had to do was tell her how pretty she was and she would smile the biggest smiles!  Silly kid is so vain.  I have no idea where she gets that from.. {ahem}

We are very anxious to see how the pictures turned out, and I'm sure we'll buy a huge package just because she is so ridiculously adorable. {gulp}

Anyways, the weekend was great, but so tiring.  In one day I drank 3 coffees and at least one of them were a double shot.  I had to!  I was so stinking tired..  Thankfully Zoe and I slept in till we decided to wake up and we both feel so good!  Paul is happy about that too. :)

Anyhoodles, check out the post under this one.  I caught up on my 30 Days of Truth challenge.  And like I said in my previous post, enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I know I will!

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