Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot blooded! Check it and see.. I got a fever of 103

Note: Parts of this post are slightly personal.  For my few male readers, I suggest you skip this post.  For your own sake.  Thanks!

This past weekend was spent on the couch with a painful breast infection.  I believe it started on Thursday..  all of a sudden I had the chills, body aches, and I looked like I had a whacked out boob job- thanks to being engorged.  With a lot of rest, fluids, and plenty of prayers I was good to go by Sunday.  {whew}  Thank you Jesus!  Of all weekends I don't know why I had to choose that one to be sick!  It was our last Saturday before our big church fundraiser and everyone else was out of town save my sister-in-law.  Poor Mandalou!  I'll make it up to her.. maybe I'll buy her a coffee this week during the photo shoot!

Yesterday my little princess officially turned 3 months old.  There will be a photo shoot this week- with her pink Chuck Taylor's of course!  Though plenty some think we're crazy, Paul and I decided today that it is time to break Zoe of her pacifier.  I know, I know.. she's only 3 months old!  But she isn't totally hooked on it anyway.  We hold it in her mouth most of the time.  So.. no more!  Let's see how it goes.

Now that I'm back in business I need to make sure my house is picture perfect since the photographer will be staying at our house, and he arrives sometime Thursday.  {EEK!}  Psh.. no big deal.. I got it all under control..  {gulp}

30 Days of Truth will be coming up next!

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