Friday, September 24, 2010

The weekend of our lives

Paul and I are babysitting his younger sister as well as our niece and nephew while the rest of the gang head to Minister's Convention.  Some were really dreading being without mom & dad for a whole weekend, but they didn't know my plans yet..

Friday is Balloon Party Day.  After lunch I packed up all the kids and we headed to Walmart for balloons, party favors, OJ, ketchup, and mustard.  Don't ask.

We came home, blew up balloons till we felt like we were going to pass out, and partied till we dropped!

Here are some of the pictures I took in between dancing like a white girl..

Emilie is NOT peeking out of the side of her mask even though it looks like it.. she's not a cheater, right? ;)

Tommy was so excited he was jumping up and down!

Auntie Noelle's turn!

Argh! We love us some balloon parties!

Tomorrow we are going to have a Pampered Party!  I even have a cucumber that we will cut up and put on our eyeballs!  I really can't wait!

I think the kids will have a grand time this weekend.  Before they know it, it will be Sunday evening and their parents will come home!

Oh, and before I forget!

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  1. Poor Tommy... Is he getting a facial too? Maybe he can use a squirt "GUN" to get off the facial stuff, so he can do something "guy-ish".


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