Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleeping with the enemy.

I'm not talking about my husband..

I'm not talking about my daughter..

I'm talking about the tummy ache..

Last night was pretty rough for my little girl.  At first I figured she was fighting sleep, as usual.  So I followed my usual routine.  Change her diaper.  Nurse her.  Burp her.  Give her the pacifier since she was still fussy.  Rock her.  Walk around and sing little lullabies.  Nothing was working!  So I tried Step 2: follow routine- again.

After awhile I figured she had a tummy ache.  I figured the best thing for her would be peppermint water.  Unfortunately for us all grocery stores were closed and we had not one stick of peppermint in the house.  Not even one lone peppermint at the bottom of my diaper bag from a restaurant.

So we had to wait it out.  Paul walked back and forth talking soothingly to her and patting her back.  After what seemed like hours (I'm sure it was just half an hour) she finally burped a big one and you could tell she felt relief.  As soon as she burped she lay her head against Paul's chest and closed her eyes.

You could tell she still felt troubled as lay against him trying to fall asleep.  Daddy made sure she slept in the bed with us, it was too dramatic for her to have to sleep all alone in her bassinet (next to the bed) after that.  I did not object.  :)

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  1. I know...when Noah get's super fussy for what ever reason. He sleeps with us too. =)

    It's awful when you know they are hurting and can't help!!!


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