Friday, August 20, 2010


On my previous post I received two anonymous comments letting me know to be careful about my weight loss and making sure I don't harm myself or my little Zoe.  Some may be cocky in their responses by saying I can do what I please or I don't need any interference from you.. blah.blah.blah  This is what I have to say..

Thank you!

I will make sure to do my best to eat but maintain a healthy weight loss.  Losing all of my baby fat already is a huge relief!  I still have 30 more lbs. to go before I am perfectly happy.  I am planning on losing it all within the year- but healthily!  Like I said, I plan on doing pilates as well as a push ups program I found online thanks to a friend.

So, anonymous, thank you for the comments!  I appreciate them.  Make sure to keep them coming!

Vote for Zoe!♥

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