Saturday, August 7, 2010

And so life REALLY begins..

My family just left an hour ago to head back home and already my heart aches because I miss them so much.

The past 3 weeks have been wonderful for Paul and I.  We love having all of the family together- especially when we celebrated the birth of our first child.

My mom made sure I didn't do anything in order to heal.  My parents did so much around the house; laundry, dishes, fixing odds and ends, etc.  There is no way Paul and I could pay them back for everything they did.  I barely even changed a diaper!  Mom even came with me a couple times to clean Earl's house.

Some days I couldn't help but clean something just to feel useful, and I have realized just how easy it is to over do it.. which is why I was given strict instructions by my mother that no matter how great I feel- don't over do it!

And so.. life really begins..

I look over at my sleeping daughter and I feel comfort knowing that Paul and I will do just fine on our own.. the company was just nice. :)

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