Monday, August 9, 2010

I really need internet..

Since getting our new phones I am able to facebook or google whenever I want!  It's very convenient- especially when I'm feeding Zoe and feel slightly bored when I'm all alone.  The only downfall.. I can't blog on my phone. :(  I need something a little bigger that will allow me to post.  I have all kinds of funny things to post about throughout the day.. but by the time I go where there is internet, I forget.


You can't get higher than 76 on topmommyblogs if you don't post daily!

We'll figure something out- soon!

But because I have internet now I'll make sure to talk about what's been going on with our latest addition.♥

It has been two weeks and one day since Zoe was born.  I can still visualize the last part of the delivery- pushing.  I cannot believe that I pushed a human being out of me!  It seems slightly traumatizing, but mostly rewarding!  Birthing my child is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life.  I am so proud of myself for everything I did in those 12 hours.

The first few days of Zoe's life was hectic for me because I allowed myself to stress that something was wrong with my baby.  She wasn't eating right and, because I've never been a mom before, I allowed myself to freak out.  No bueno!  Come to find out it was my diet that was giving her those vicious tummy aches.  So I quit eating green vegetables, dairy, and most caffeine and drank lots of water.  Immediately she did better in the breast feeding area!  Thank you Jesus!  Since then she has been the perfect baby.

The past couple nights Zoe has decided to stay up till 4 or 5 in the morning- wide eyed.  How can a newborn stay awake for 5+ hours straight- and why does it have to be in the middle of the night?  Though this is very kinda irritating, I can't help but look into the eyes of my little daughter and chuckle because I'm so happy.

Paul and I have talked about it, and we cannot imagine life without her.  Even when I'm dog tired at 4 a.m. and feel like I'm going to pass out from exhaustion!  She is totally worth it.

Speaking of Paul- he is totally amazing when it comes to fathering Zoe!  We both feel so natural with her.  He changes diapers occasionally, changes her clothes, burps her.. he does just as much for her as I do.  He just can't feed her. :)

A little about myself..  I have lost all of my weight and then some.  Love that feeling!  7 days after Zoe was born I was wearing my jeans from before I was pregnant.  Not everyone can do that so I know that I'm blessed.  I still have some pooch left, but nothing a little working out can't fix.  Hello hot momma!

Until next time..

Vote for Zoe!♥

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