Saturday, July 3, 2010

How do you spell relief?


My wonderful husband taught me where the "app" button is and since then I have downloaded all kinds of features on my phone!  I can read books, I have the Bible on there, facebook- of course!  Famous quotes, useless facts, a cheap version of bejeweled,, free ringtones, TMZ.. just to name a few.

Man, my life must be really boring if all I can talk about is my phone!

I got a basket full of Zoe's clothes together to get them washed and it just hit me..  Oh my word.  My daughter is on the verge of being here!  I picked up a pink little onesie and tried to imagine my daughter fitting in something so tiny.  A stronger feeling of love washed over me as I realized that, duh, this is real.

Paul kissed me goodbye before leaving for work and then went to kiss my belly.  I watched him as he kissed my belly and lovingly rubbed my belly and told his daughter he loved her..  I think we both realized how real, and how close, this is!

I hope Zoe loves her parents, because we already love her to pieces!♥

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