Monday, July 5, 2010

Let freedom ring- with fireworks! Lots and lots of fireworks!

This year's fourth of July was different from what I was used to..

First off, it was Sunday and I wore sweat pants.  Yes, sweat pants.  I wanted to go to church, but I knew there were a lot of stairs and I didn't feel comfortable attempting any of them.  Once my mom gets here, I'll run up and down them as much as I want.. but not yet.

I read my devotions, said my prayers, and felt a closeness to God alone in my room.  It was special actually.

So, I wore my sweat pants and read magazines and watched pointless television while everyone else went to church.  I must have done well occupying myself because it didn't seem like they were gone long.

After church we enjoyed a yummy dinner of ribs, bratwurst, coleslaw, potato salad, and beans.  It was super delicious!  I ate as much as I could and I still had so much food left on my plate.  I was bummed I couldn't eat it all.

After dinner (and some before) the boys went out to play with their annoying firecrackers.  I hate those things.  Pointless noise and no pretty colors!  Anyways..

By 10:30 we enjoyed the city's fireworks.  They were so pretty!  I love fireworks.  After the beautiful finale we enjoyed fireworks of our own.

My sister-in-law brought blankets and pillows out to the front yard and I got to enjoy the fireworks with the rest of the family.  I really enjoyed being out of the house and getting some fresh air.  And get this- no contractions!

I have a new outlook on this bed rest thing..

I only have 15 days left to make sure my house is ready for my family- including my great-grandmother, and the guest of honor- Zoe Isabella.  Thinking that way, I feel like I have no time to get anything done! I have a feeling this will make my days fly a little better.  It's worth a shot. :)

My great-grandmother sends family e-mails almost every night.  She is very excited to meet our little bundle of joy.  She's made sure to ask if we have a rocking chair because she would love to rock her great-granddaughter to sleep while she's here.  I can't wait to witness those memories!

Today I am going to watch Gone With the Wind for the first time!  Great time killer!

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  1. Don't just "witness" those special sure to take pics for the baby book!


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