Saturday, June 5, 2010

No pressure

I have mixed emotions about my due date only being 60 days away.

1) I am really excited to meet our little girl!  I look at her latest ultrasound picture and I can't believe how beautiful she is.  I'm anxious to [finally] be a mom and dress up my little girl in pretty dresses and show her off.  I look forward to doing everything that comes with being a mom- even to changing diapers- though I know that will change after the first 500.

2) I am slightly finished being pregnant.  Carrying a child is very exciting and I love feeling her move around and have the hiccups, I don't even mind the tap dancing on my bladder that makes me feel like I'm going to wet my pants and then when I find a bathroom I only pittle.  What I'm done with is the morning sickness (since I'm one of the lucky ones who is going to have it all 9 months it seems) and the fainting spells.  Throwing up and passing out at the same time is not a fun experience.

3) I would be a fool if I said I wasn't scared, even a little, about labor  Though I have seen 8 babies be born in real life I know that that is not enough to call me "experienced" when it comes to labor.  The little braxton hicks I have felt are nothing compared to real contractions.  What makes it slightly more scary is that I'm choosing not to have an epidural.

It is not because of a religious issue or because I think it's harmful for the baby..  I'm just not interested.  If my mom can go through labor 6 times without anything- surely I can too!

4) Paul and I still have so much to do before the baby gets here!  We still have so much to paint and the house fully unpacked before she comes.  I feel like we have no time to do everything since we both work, but we're going to have to make time.

Just a few things I've been thinking about- since we have [less] than 60 days before our daughter comes! Yippee!

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  1. These last two months will be the best and the hardest! Take it each day at a time, but do cherish the days. I love being able to hold Caleb in my arms but miss feeling him in my belly. It's so different...

    As far as labor and delivery. The contractions were the most painful part, pushing him out was quick and nothing... in fact, in my opinion, the whole L/D was not nearly as painful as people made it out to be. It might just be my experience, as I know others have had difficult labor, but you've had a good, healthy pregnancy, so hopefully you'll have a good, healthy delivery as well.

    My one piece of advice- walk during the contractions. Walk. Not only will it help ease the pain, but it will move things along a lot quicker. They said that my labor time was cut in half due to my walking. BIG BLESSING.

    Oh, and I did no medicine/drugs, too, and so it definitely can be done. You go girl!

    Praying for you, Paul, and sweet little princess.


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