Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And so it begins..

I experienced quite a few Braxton Hicks today that were good enough to make me stop in my tracks and concentrate on breathing.  And so begins the practice stage!  This is going to be fun. :)  They kind of remind me of my miscarriage- which gives me an idea of what labor is going to be like.  Oh boy..  I know it is not going to be fun, but we'll get through it to see our baby girl!

Speaking of our baby girl.. :)  I think Paul and I have picked out a name.  As of right now we are going to name her Zoe Isabella.

Zoe means "life" in Greek and Isabella means "devoted to God."  We thought it was fitting.  We've already started using her name when talking to my belly.  How exciting!!


  1. Love the name you have chosen. I only had a week of Braxton Hicks before I delivered Jer...quiet honestly, they were worse than the real labor. I do understand the morning sickness at the end...had it with both not fun...but so worth it. It won't be much longer now and you'll be holding Zoe in your arms listening to her coo.


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