Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crossing my legs

While at work today I noticed I was having a lot of lower back pain.  At the end of my workshift it was worse as well as cramps that felt like I was going to start my period.  Something told me to tell my mom, and when I did she said those were early signs of labor.  Lovely.  Thankfully my workshift is over and I'm sitting down for the rest of the day!  I'm thinking about calling in tomorrow as well just to be on the safe side.. I'll pray about it.

I have got to cross my legs for the next 4 weeks!  My mom will come straight over as soon as the bluegrass festival is finished- which is 2 weeks before my due date.  I'm praying that God will make it to where my mom is here for the big day.

For all those early mothers- When did you go into labor?


  1. Praying for you. I was a nervous wreck the last few weeks wondering if my mom was gonna make it. Just take it easy.

  2. Seriously, take it easy. I had constant, hard Braxton Hicks for weeks 31-32, then delivered at 33 weeks. I started with back labor. Now...having said doesn't mean that is what you will do...that is just the way I did it...but be careful, rest as much as possible and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Love you!

  3. i went into labor with caleb two days before my due date. got off work at five and officially started my maternity leave, my water broke at midnight, went into labor at 8am, and had Caleb at 2:14pm.

    My BH had actually stopped that week and I had NO warning that "this was it"... it went so fast that Caleb was born just before Mom got on the plane from Chicago to Anchorage. So it doesn't always work out, but the important thing is that she was here for those first days :)

  4. Rylan came out only 6 days early. But Every pregnancy is different. I'll Keep you ans Zoe and Paul in our prayers. :)


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