Thursday, May 13, 2010

83 days?!?!

I just found out earlier today that my husband is going to be buying all the paint we need for the entire house- inside and out. He wants our house put together and in order- now. I think it's safe to say that nesting mode has hit both of us- especially Paul. :)

I am in my third trimester now and so far everything is going well. I feel like I have more energy to get things done so I do my best to take advantage of it. Who knows when this energy will disappear?

Church will be held in our house this evening since all but 2 people are in town tonight- Paul and I not included. I am thankful today was my day off so I could make sure my house was in order and cookies were baked for the occasion!

Our daughter will be born in roughly 83 days. That thought is slightly overwhelming. In my eyes, that's almost like telling me she'll be here next week! My days have been so busy they're just flying by. I can't believe it though.. 83 days?!?! Paul better make sure everything is done- we're running out of time!


  1. I felt that way right after I had the ultra sound. =D It was so exciting to actulley see our baby.I felt like I had nothing and to hurry up and get things ready. Of course at that time there was really plenty of time...... =)Now time is is just flying by.

    It's so much fun huh?!! =)

  2. that's cool that you already have paint colors picked out- AND that you agree! Micah and I have decided the general colors, but not the specific shades, that's what Em is here for.

    the brown and pink will be adorable. I love those two colors together for girls.

    you have your most energy in your last trimester- just when nesting mode kicks in- make use of it, once your little girl comes, you'll be lucky to brush your hair in the morning! ha!


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