Monday, May 17, 2010


There's something about owning a home that opens your eyes. When you own something, you want to take care of it. We own this house and now I realize the littlest bit of clutter. I have noticed that both Paul and I pick up after ourselves a lot better than we did in the apartment. We also invite people over almost everyday so that helps making sure the place is in somewhat order.

Paul paints a little bit here and there and it is so exciting to see our little house become our home! I finally found our digital camera the other day so I can take real pictures of our renovations instead of junky cell phone ones. Those will turn out nicer when I print them out for baby girl's scrapbook too.

I can honestly say that I am so happy and so thankful for everything God has done in Paul's and my life. We are so busy that we don't have time to breathe- or sleep! But we are so happy and thankful that it doesn't matter. We just have 79 days to get everything done! No pressure!

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