Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching up

We still haven't heard anything from the bank about our house. I hear it takes a long time for it all to go through so I'm not worried about it. I would like to know sometime soon, though, since I haven't started packing- just in case something happens and it doesn't work out.

I have already met one of our next door neighbors. She is a volunteer at the hospital. She's really nice and excited to see someone moving in. I also know of two other people from the hospital that live nearby. It's nice to already know neighbors. ;) Not hard to do in Havre- especially when you work at the hospital and 10% of Havre's population work there. I can't go anywhere without running into a "friend."

That also makes me nervous for when it comes to D-day because I know all 900 employees will have their ears pressed to our door waiting for our baby. Hopefully that means we'll get spoiled though. :)

I get bigger and bigger everyday. I'm sure if I took a picture everyday you would see a difference. It makes it even more exciting- and real. I just can't wait till Paul can feel from the outside! That will be so exciting..

There's not much else to talk about right at the moment. All I do is work all day, eat, and sleep. It's pretty boring right now. I need a hobby. ;)

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