Thursday, March 4, 2010

Part-time housewife

Today is my day off- but it won’t be feeling like one..

Our home is in desperate need of attention, our refrigerator and pantry are pretty much empty, it’s time to wash some clothes..

I need to run to the bank, a couple other offices, the grocery store..

It seems like my days off are catching up days and I run around and try and get things done. If I choose to just enjoy my day off and read a book or relax, we end up with cranky moods and even more work for my next day off.

I can’t wait to be a full-time housewife. :)

Certain options have fallen into Paul’s and my lap recently that have caused us to do a lot of praying. These are too big of decisions to make lightly. I am curious to see what works out in the near future.

It would be lovely to start a daycare and be able to stay home with my baby. The thought of leaving my baby in someone else’s arms while I work again depresses me.

I hope and pray that the Lord makes a way for Paul and I! Only time will tell..

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