Friday, March 5, 2010

Black out

I’m thankful Dr. Lien warned me about fainting spells while being pregnant. I had moments where I would feel dizzy and would sit with my head between my legs, but this morning was different. I was very lucky to have a chair close by because I blacked out, not once, but twice. I sat down, put my head between my legs, and felt my body go limp and go all tingly. What a crazy sensation.

Even though I’ve always had good iron, I went to talk to a head nurse about checking it. Unfortunately she couldn’t do that, but she wanted to know my symptoms. I told her what had happened and she looked very concerned. She told me to call my doctor immediately.

Talk about a panic attack. When a nurse acts like that you can’t help but wonder what’s going on.

I called my doctor’s office and talked to one of the nurses over there. After I told her my story she talked to Dr. Lien and called me back. Dr. Lien said that it was because of my low blood pressure so there was nothing to worry about. She did tell me to go home the rest of the day and not to drive, and then prescribed me a coke. I think it’s funny that my doctor tells me to drink a coke to keep my blood pressure/sugars a little higher. I get to deal with this until around 28 weeks! Fun!

I have had quite a few moments where I felt like crying today. I don’t like feeling like a fainter and going home from work early. I’m just thankful that I have everyone around me that reminds me that it’s not ME- it’s just whacked out hormones because I have a beautiful baby growing inside me. That made me feel better.

Let’s hope tomorrow is less dramatic. :)


  1. yikes ... that's one thing i never experienced. thankfully.

    hang in there.

    those hormones are nutty! they are worse for me AFTER pregnancy.

  2. ahh, i remember the blacking out well. i'm not a fainter. i've actually NEVER fainted. but while i was pregnant with both girls, i'd get to the middle the store while grocery shopping and i'd have to pass off the cart to lance and head for the nearest bench. whew!

    hang in there girl!

  3. I'm a professional fainter, but I got my BP up to normal this year, and am working on my sugar levels now. These are things I've learned over the past 4 years, with doctors and my own self.
    I hate cokes, so here are a few strategies I use:
    1. eat protein (meats, eggs, nuts, not just chicken)..this is especially important for breakfast. it stablizes sugar for a long time. Avoiding a sugary breakfast or carbie-breakfast and eating protein helps tons
    2. not taking hot baths where the water covers heart. when you stand, BP will drop and you will drop too
    3. give yourself time when you loss your lunch to stand. your BP just dropped drastically, and you may be shivering too (which is an indication
    4. if you get cold, it is dropping. eat some peaunut putter crackers, or go to bed if it is late
    5. do not jump up quickly out of bed, and be careful when bending up and down, because your BP is going up and down.
    6. try to use more salt
    7. when you eat desserts, eat in moderation(EVEN FRUIT!!!) and combine with protein (eat a cookie, eat some nuts too). This will prevent your sugar dropping two hours later

  4. To LaeLae...(who fainted on the front Memorial Auditorium steps and fortunately her mother was there to catch her)...


  5. yah, yah, yah. I know what I should do, have for awhile now...but I don't like to eat breakfast, like jumping out of bed, hot baths, and pigging out on fruit!


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