Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doctor’s appointment

I am so thankful that I have a good doctor that brings me good news every time I see her! She said she is so happy that our baby is textbook perfect- like he/she read up like Momma. :)

Paul was excited to hear that it won’t be long now till he gets to feel his little one move. It drives him crazy that he hasn’t been able to feel yet, and I feel it all the time.

We have a very active baby, yet he/she has a good heart rate.

I’m losing weight while baby gains- bonus!

Dr. Lien also said I will most likely have a 6-7 lb baby. Thank you Jesus! Unlike Terra I don’t think I can handle a 12 lb baby. I’m a lot smaller than she is.

I love hearing good news! It makes me want to sing praises to the Lord! He is blessing our little family for sure.

Oh, and also, I'm 19 weeks away! Almost half way there! I can't believe how fast the days are going by.

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