Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First time home buyers

We put an offer on a house on Sunday, they discussed it yesterday, and by today they said that they are accepting our offer! It happened so fast that I am in shock still- but I’m very excited! I feel such peace about this whole thing- which I know is from God because I’m not a very spontaneous person.

So roughly in a month and a half we will be moving in. Paul and I have already discussed painting projects for the inside and outside. He can’t decide if he wants to do the baby’s room as the very first project or paint the outside my dream colors. Thankfully Paul works at a paint store AND they’re having a huge sale right now.

So sometime soon I’ll be able to take pictures of our new home- and we’ll also have updating pictures of our projects! What an exciting time- a new baby and a new home!

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