Monday, March 15, 2010

Eye opener

A couple nights ago I had a dream that Paul and I had our baby. Though it was a slightly odd dream for me, I remember the look on Paul’s face as he held his baby in his arms for the first time. It was the happiest feeling I’ve ever had- even happier than my wedding because I was literally giving a piece of myself to the one I love.

That dream made me realize that even though I’m excited about our baby- I didn’t realize that we’re really having a baby! I went to Ross and picked up a newborn outfit and tried to imagine a little human being fitting inside. It just makes me so happy, excited, thankful, anxious..

On Wednesday I will be 5 months along. I cannot believe I’m over halfway there! It helps working full-time and keeping your mind busy so much. The fastest pregnancy ever! :)

Oh, also.. Paul and I put an offer on a house on Sunday. Big chapter in our lives! It’s a nice little starter home- just the perfect size for a family of 3. We’ll see if our house works out or not! It’s exciting to think that we’ll have a little house of our own- paint it any way we want- especially the baby’s room. It would be wonderful to be all moved in and ready when my parents come in August.

I am so thankful for everything that the Lord has done in our lives. He has blessed us so much and I can’t help but be happy and thank Him! Paul and I have a wonderful life together.

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