Monday, January 25, 2010

Ah.. gotta love rashes.

Or should I say broken blood vessels.

Since being pregnant and throwing up I have noticed that I get a rash that covers my whole face. It would take a few days to clear up, just in time for me to throw up again and cause the rash to come back.

I finally looked it up online to see what it said. Instead of it being a rash, like I thought, it was broken blood vessels. Ha! Broken blood vessels! Isn’t that nice? It takes 1-3 days to clear back up- and no, there’s no way to clear it up faster. I checked. Just cover it up the best you can.. so people stop asking if you have a disease. :)


  1. oh yikes! That doesn't sound like much fun!!

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  3. I feel your pain, only my issue is rosacia...people are always asking, "do you feel okay? are you running a fever?" At least you have the joy of knowing that once you stop tossing your cookies that the blood vessels will stop only hope is for a miracle of God! :-) (the deleted comment was mine...needed a correction.)

  4. You could wear a mask for the next few months... :-)

  5. any time i throw up or cry really hard, i get what i call 'hickey face'. HAHA! it looks like someone has been sucking on my face. all the blood comes to surface around my eyes and on my cheeks. definitely not pretty. :)


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