Thursday, September 10, 2015

Frozen in Time

Every morning I wake up to happy squeals and giggles.  Phebe is the happiest baby I have ever met in my life!  She is so excited to see her brothers and sister in the morning, and she is especially excited to see Daddy in the morning!  It makes me melt when I see her toddle up behind her Daddy and wrap her pudgy little arms around his leg and squeeze him with all of her might!  The baby loves her Daddy.

Why do kids have to grow up?  My life is a little overwhelming and stressful with so many little ones running around, but if I could freeze time and keep them at this age forever I would do it in a heartbeat!  I love the hugs.  I love the sloppy, wet kisses.  I love the giggles.  I love the imagination.

I'm so thankful for my life.  I'm thankful for the happiness I feel.  I'm thankful I have the opportunity to stay home and watch my children grow.  It's something I take for granted sometimes.

I don't want my kids to grow up.  I want them to stay small.  I want them to want to snuggle with me, fall asleep while I play with their hair, invite me into their princess tent so we can read stories.  I want my life to be frozen in time.

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