Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Sleep

It's 9:00 pm and the house is quiet. 

All the lights are off. Everyone is nestled in their beds sleeping soundly. Except for me. 

I lay in bed with multiple pillows tucked under my head so I'm sitting up, my reading glasses are on, and my iPad is just bright enough to not bug my husband . . . too much. 

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning I'm thinking about when I will be able to sleep next. 

Do I have time for an afternoon nap? Maybe I can get the kids to bed early tonight so I can go to bed. 

But it never fails. Once I hug and kiss the last kid and turn all the lights off . . . my mind decides to wake up! I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking and planning and writing to do lists and even writing in my journal to get feelings off my chest and I want to watch one more episode of House Hunters and maybe, just maybe, I will indulge and snack on something and drink my sweet tea in peace -- or iced coffee which is the coffee I started in the morning but finally gave up on finishing it because I was constantly interrupted. 

Not that this ever happens. :-) 

I search Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate my home for the holidays, my next meal for my family, maybe some DIY projects. I write down things I want to do, buy, make, etc. Then I look up organizing tips because I need help. Again, I write down things to help me stay organized. I look up party ideas as I daydream about throwing fun get togethers "just because" and inviting people over so they can ooh and ahh over all the little details I put together to make the party perfect.  I write down a list of holidays I can have people over for. Then I lay there thinking about how I left the house in disarray. I'm too tired to get up and clean, but now I can't sleep thinking about the messy state in which my house is in. I write down a detailed to do list of what I want to get done around the house the next morning. 

After writing multiple lists I lay there starting to feel tired. I feel like I have done the trick and I can finally go to sleep. Sure it's after midnight, but I was able to help myself get groggy. Hmm . . .

Finally, I lay my head down and whisper my prayers to Jesus. I thank Him for the day He has given me. I thank Him for my husband, my children, my family, my friends. I thank Him for our health and safety. I thank Him for the tiny, messy home I live in. And then I pray that He will help me to work harder next time. Help me have more motivation to get things done. And I also pray that my husband and children will always love and appreciate me. 

And then . . . my body relaxes. I feel Mr. Sandman bring me a dream. 

Two hours later I'm awakened by Phebe who is hungry and someone has to go potty. Oh well. 

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