Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Late Night Coffee

I  l o v e  my children. They bring me such joy! They also bring me anxiety. 

It is nearly 8:30 pm and I'm really tempted to make myself a coffee. I feel like I need something to help me relax and enjoy this nearly quiet evening! This day has been . . . hectic. Let me start from the beginning. 

I have been looking forward to this day for a week now! We were going to have a family photo session this morning -- the first professional pictures since Zoe was a baby. Paul and I had spent the week before buying clothes, shoes, scarves, jackets, etc for the whole family to look fantastic. This was a big deal, man! 

A couple days ago Zoe had a fever. She spent the whole day on the couch eating Popsicles, drinking out of MOMMY'S special cup, and watching Strawberry Shortcake. Yay for the rest of us. ;-) Yesterday, while we were all in "the city" Max ended up having a fever so we gave him ibuprofen and he kept a wet baby wipe on his forehead that we were constantly getting wet using ice water. Thankfully both of their fevers lasted a day and then they were back to their happy, energetic selves. Last night while we were on our way home Paul was complaining about not feeling well. By the time we came home, he was shivering so badly he went straight to bed. 

This morning I checked on him, he was still feeling unwell, so I said we could reschedule our pictures, but he said he could do it. I ran around all morning and got everyone ready and we headed out. Thankfully our photographer is extremely laid back and just one of the most amazing and wonderful gals ever! We took pictures for about 20 minutes before Paul had to quit, so we decided we would take more pictures later -- but she did get some great shots! Here was the teaser she sent me:

I have got to say . . . I have some beautiful children. :-) Aren't they great? 

I dropped Paul off at home so he could go to bed, and then grabbed some lunch for the kids before putting all four down for a nap. Once everyone was in their rooms, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. 

Paul was still in bed when I got home so I watched shows with him in bed. I even grabbed a tiny nap before I heard, "Good morning, Mommy." 

Today was one of those days where the kids were extra energetic and I simply could not keep up. Thankfully I planned ahead and had dinner in the crockpot otherwise I would have had to cook with kids running circles around me. 

Once dinner was done I looked around the room and saw more dinner on the floor than what went into their mouths. Apparently none of my children like banana peppers, meat, or rice. That's a lie. But they were willing to sacrifice cookies for not eating so . . . their loss. 

I put the kids to bed nearly an hour ago, had my little cry because I felt overwhelmed, and now I'm sitting here thanking God for my little blessings and for my messy, busy, fun life. Now excuse me while I sip my coffee and watch something other than Strawberry Shortcake. I just wish I had some brownies . . .

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