Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Kitchen

If you didn't see my post yesterday about living in a laundromat, click here! It felt so good to get all that laundry folded and put away that I had to take a picture of my success!  Doesn't this look so much better?

The funny thing about laundry is that your success is short lived. I already have to wash, dry, and fold another load!

The next chore that needs tackled is the kitchen. I should be embarrassed for even posting such horrible pictures! But I'm not.  So here you go.

I started one load in the dishwasher last night, but I have at least one or two more before all the dishes are clean. The floors need swept and mopped. Poor Mr. Blue probably needs fed! Good grief. Maybe I am a little embarrassed to show such pictures!

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, I love to listen to Focus on the Family's Daily Broadcast while I'm working.  If you have a smart phone, check out their app! You won't be disappointed! This helps pass the time while I clean and it doesn't seem to be such a boring chore. What do you listen to while you clean?

Next chore to tackle: The Living Room

Love to all!



  1. Grace don't be embarrassed. It just means your a mom of babies. Any mom should understand. You should see my house. You would not feel bad at all. :-) I need company to come to push me to get things done. HA!!!

  2. I used to listen to focus on the family at work...then I would tear't know they had an app.


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