Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Parents' Challenge: Day One

Go the entire day without raising your voice.

Did anyone else attempt the Parents' Challenge yesterday?  I hope so!  I have to warn you, though, that when you say you're going to take the challenge...your children will become a little more challenging.  Yesterday I dealt with more temper tantrums, pouting, screaming, hitting, kicking, than I do on average.  But did I raise my voice?  I tried not to. :-)  Around 9:00 pm I may have slipped up once or twice, but at least I'm making the effort.

Today's challenge is to invite my children to cook with me.  This one shouldn't be too hard.  They have helped me in the past with certain things.  They love to help me make pigs in a blanket!  Do you let your kids help you make meals?  Is it hard to have patience, or do you enjoy the extra time help it takes do to certain things? :-)

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