Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We don't take family pictures very often - and I haven't been taking pictures of my growing belly at all - so I thought I would share this picture that was taken yesterday at church.  At this point in my pregnancy I would rather not see myself, but I love seeing my kids dressed so snazzy in their Easter Sunday best!  Even my handsome husband looks extra handsome, doesn't he?

We had a great service in the morning, a potluck dinner with ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, German potatoes, green beans, mac-n-cheese, biscuits, and tons of different desserts!  I have a feeling I'm forgetting some things that were there - but you get the idea.  It was delicious!  After such a filling meal I could tell all the adults were ready for a Sunday afternoon nap, but the kids were very anxious to go outside and hunt for some eggs.

I love watching kids hunt for Easter eggs!  They get so excited running around with their cute little baskets.  I think this may have been Titus' first year hunting.  He picked up one egg and realized he could open it - and that there was candy inside so he sat himself down and enjoyed the treats in his one egg.  He couldn't care less about filling his basket with anything else.  It was too cute!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends!  I am so thankful for a day to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ!  So, so thankful!

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