Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day weekend

It's not very often I can capture my three little ones sitting together nicely.  Titus is either sleeping or crying for me to hold him, and Zoe and Max are normally beating each other up!  So here are a couple really good ones that I have taken recently and wanted to share!

Titus is getting to the stage where he is really interacting with the kids and they are so excited that he comes to play sometimes!  This was his first time in the princess tent and he seemed to enjoy it!  Zoe was definitely excited!  She brought her babies and some books and threw a little party with her brothers.
Paul had this past Saturday and Sunday off so I wanted to make sure we made it special!  Saturday morning Paul, with the help of our neighbor, put up some posts for a fence, and then the rest of the afternoon we hung out at the mall.
For Saturday's dinner we tried a new recipe -- Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers.  One word: AMAZING!

That tiny picture above shows our dinner before we put the cheese on top.  If anyone likes Philly Cheesesteaks, I highly suggest trying this meal!

Sunday morning, Father's Day, the kids and I let Paul sleep in for a little while.  That was a gift to him.  Seriously.  Then we woke him up with cards and presents!
Unfortunately church was canceled because so many were sick in bed.  So Paul and I decided, along with Daniel and Rylee, to go down to Great Falls and spend the day in the city!  We all found some great deals and shared a lot of laughs!

There is a new Japanese Steakhouse down there that we decided to try.  Mostly because we heard they cook right at your table!  It was such a fun experience!  This was our chef.  He was SO funny!  He was nervous about starting a big fire because of the kids, but we told him to go ahead and give us a show.  I really wish I would have thought to video!  The fire was HUGE and Max was trying to climb out of his highchair screaming like crazy!  Even Zoe plugged her ears worried it would be loud!  It was pretty funny.

All of the food was delicious!  Paul ordered California rolls and I gave it a shot.  I was surprised that I kind of liked it!

Like I already said, the food was fantastic!  Even my picky eaters enjoyed their food!

It's not very often we get a family picture taken!

I know it's a little fuzzy, but here we all are!  It really was a great day!
I am so thankful for the father that Paul is to our children.  Every evening when he comes home they run to give him hugs.  Zoe and Max are to the age where he can wrestle with them, play with them at the park, we can hold little conversations with them.. I can tell Paul really enjoys being around his kids.  He is such a great dad!  I love you, Paul!
The days are definitely getting hotter and I love it!  The kids and I are spending more and more time outside.  We have a pool now, so I made sure to buy baby floaties for all three of my little ones.  I look forward to enjoying my summer in the pool!
I also have been taking the kids and we try to walk Hurley everyday.  I'm sure I'm a sight to see!  I have Titus strapped to my body, Zoe and Max are sharing a one-seated stroller, and I'm walking a hyper active puppy!  Haha!  I walk 1.5 miles, though!  It's one way to lose weight.

These busy summer days take their toll on little ones, don't they?  Just a couple days ago Max couldn't even make it to his bed before he passed out!  I thought it was adorable!

I just took this yesterday.  We are in the summer reading program at our local library, and ever since then we have read A LOT.  Even when I can't read to them, they "read" to themselves. :-)  Zoe is reading Bible stories while Max is reading about monster birthday parties. Ha!

This just happened last night!  Max got his second haircut. :-)  I wish his hair would stay kinky curly like it was in Arkansas, because he really does have beautiful hair!  But we decided he needed a trim.

He sure is a handsome boy!  I melted when I saw him running through the mall afterward.  He is SO cute!  He enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror!
I think that catches me up for awhile! :-)


  1. Ha.. I laughed when I read about Max screaming when they started the fire. That happened to us on fathers days as well. We went to a mongolien grill and they did the fire thing. IT WAS HUGE. Abe screamed so loud. The whole restaurant started to laugh. It scared him half to death. HA!!! Cute pictures. great update.

  2. GREAT pictures! and stories Grace!!!


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