Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Challenge #1: Coloring

As you can see when you look at my 101 Things to Do with Your Toddler page, coloring is the first to be scratched off the list!  I turned the TV off, got some coloring books and crayons and we all colored pictures.

I really enjoyed spending time with my kids and coloring.  As you can see in the last picture, Zoe and Max decided to help me color my page.  Ha!  This was a learning moment for me --- I'm a perfectionist when it comes to coloring pages and making sure they look fabulous!  But I thanked them for the help and I really like how it turned out. =)
It was also fun to hear Zoe recognize her colors.  A couple times (as seen in the picture above) she would get stumped, but I would help her out and she remembered the next time I asked her!  Max repeats everything Zoe says so he was saying his colors too.  Cute little kids!
I had to leave them near the end to put finishing touches on dinner.  Next time I'll make sure crayons are put away, though, because I now have lovely black scribbles on my wall thanks to my son.  Go figure! =)  I can't help but laugh every time I see it --- but don't worry, I plan on scrubbing it up today!
I think the high for today is supposed to be close to 50 degrees so we will make sure to do the next thing on our list: blow bubbles!  The kids are going to freak out!  They love bubbles!  I think they get that from me. ;)  Did any other mommas get some coloring done?
Happy Wednesday!

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