Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sickness be gone!

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Actually, as of right now I am not sick, but my poor babies are.  They have been under the weather since Valentine's Day, but thankfully their fevers broke.  Now they just sound congested and have sore throats.
They have been drinking a lot of water, juice, and PediaLite.  They sit around all day and watch TV shows or take naps.  The poor things.  They have such sad little faces!  Zoe tells me every 5 minutes, "Me not feel dood."
Paul is such a wonderful dad!  Last night he read them bedtime stories.  Here he is reading "Are You My Mother?" and as you can see by the faces.. it was a very intense story!  I absolutely loved watching Paul read to our babies.  And I love watching our babies as they're read to!
Right now all three babies are taking a nap.  When they wake I plan on turning our bathroom into a sauna and taking Zoe and Max in there.  I hope the steam will break up the congestion in their chests.
I am so ready for everyone to feel healthy again!  When will this sickness go away for good?


  1. Ditto!! I am SO done. I'm with you. I'm ready for walks outside and playing at the park :)

  2. So sorry. :-( It's so sad when the babies are sick.

  3. So glad I found your blog!! Hope by now the storm of sickness is completely cleared away!!
    Now, I can't wait to look thru your blog~ God bless you sweetie!
    Karen O.


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