Thursday, December 13, 2012


This month is just FLYING by and I have not had a chance to make my Christmas project!  Every time I have a chance to spray paint my frame it starts to snow.  Every. Single. Time.  But I am DETERMINED to make it today!  The sun is shining and I need to do something crafty!  So I'm hoping to have pictures soon, ok Aunt Vicki? =)  I know it will look great as soon as I get it all done!

Paul has been working long hours at work for the past 2-3 months.  The paychecks have been nice, especially since it's the holiday season, but we sure do miss him.  It makes me anxious for a family vacation so we can get out of here for a little while!

Zoe is almost a pro in the potty training department.  She only has two problems. 

1. She cannot go potty without her potty seat.  The toilet by itself still freaks her out and she can't allow herself to relaz enough to go.

2. She refuses to poop on the toilet.  I don't know what I need to do to make her realize that she does not do that anymore!

She is such a funny kid!  She is saying funnier things all the time.  For example, Paul was playing with the kids last night and hit Zoe in the face with a pillow.  She says, "Ow. You hitta me inna the eyeballs."  She's hilarious!

Now that Max is mobile he is so much more fun!  It changed his personality dramatically.  One day last week he decided out of nowhere that it was time for him to walk and he has been doing it ever since.  Zoe and Max are the dynamic duo now and get into so much more mischief.  For example, they found a Kleenex box and emptied the WHOLE thing.  When I asked what they were doing they both gave me blank stares.  Then out of nowhere Zoe said, "Baby sneezed."  They are the best of friends!  I love it!

Titus is a great baby -- till 9:00 at night when he chooses to scream till 2:00 in the morning.  Although, Paul may have discovered something that helps him sleep because the past couple nights have been wonderful!  We have made it where he is snuggled in his bed with blankets and he will only wake up once to eat as long as he snuggled up to where he can't move.  He's also doing great when it comes to tummy time -- my other kids HATED being on their belly.  Being on his belly helps him fall asleep immediately, though I don't feel comfortable with him on his tummy all the time.  He still has dark hair too. =)  It's crazy.

Well I have a lot to do -- including my craft!  Until next time..

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  1. Saw the thing about getting Zoey to go number two.. We had the hardest time with Rowynn on that too.. So I just took her poop diaper and empty it in there.. Gross.. But I explained we poo in there.. And she has been ever since.. She actually holds her little cheeks together to go in there. And give her special princess pull ups. Best of luck on the potty training.. Have you got her to not potty at night.. I have not mastered that part of it yet..


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