Friday, December 21, 2012

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me: #3

Describe your relationship with your spouse.
I don't even know how to put into words your Dad's and my relationship.

Your Dad and I were pretty young when we got married. Just babies in the eyes of our parents! About 7 months after we got married we moved across country so your Dad could go to college.

We had big dreams of him going to college, us both working jobs, and traveling before settling down and having little ones. We planned trips to Disneyland as well as a trip somewhere in Europe.

God had different plans for us, though. Instead of waiting till after Daddy graduated from college God gave us children almost right away!

I wake up to my best friend every single day.

I look forward to every hug, kiss, and any kind of affection he gives to me throughout the day.

I look across the room and feel like my heart will burst with so much love when I see your Dad playing with you kids, laughing, or playing his music.

I talk to your Dad about everything. I love when we end up just driving simply to talk and have a conversation.
(You will find that your family does a lot of driving around with no destination in mind. For some reason the best conversations take place in the car!)

I am still deeply, madly in love with your Dad. Even more so now than when I was 16. My love for your Dad will never fade. It will only grow stronger and sweeter.

I love you Paul. =)


  1. How true. I was recently thinking I miss long road trips with my brother.
    I love road trips with my hubby. Its good talking time. Its like marriage counseling, being stuck in the car for hours.

    1. Alaena, you are exactly right! Road trips are the best marriage counseling sessions. I remember one trip we took where we "hashed it out" and had enough time to tell each other how we felt, how we were hurt, and were able to mend feelings and move on. They're the best!


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