Saturday, November 17, 2012


This year I decided I need to be brave and finally learn the inevitable.
I need to learn to cook a turkey.
I talked about it with my mother-in-law and told her I need to learn now when I have guidance from someone else than wait till we live on our own and I have to figure it out and most likely ruin Thanksgiving.
My mother-in-law is brave too.  She's gonna let me do it!  Ha!
To be honest, I am pumped!  I am so excited to give it a shot!  I just hope and pray it all works out. =)
I would post more about how I love this time of year and great, fuzzy things like that...but I have a naked two-year-old running around the house, a screaming one-year-old in the high chair that ran out of food, and a grumpy three-week-old that thinks he's starving to death. =)
I absolutely, love, love, love my life!


  1. HA! I'm picturing your sweet family chaos. :-)
    I'd been married for 6 years, I think, before I cooked my first turkey. Grandma Babe and Pop Charlie drove from Star to Albuquerque to spend Thanksgiving with us and teach me how to do it all. I still have vivid memories of that special Thanksgiving--especially that it SNOWED the day after Thanksgiving and Mom Babe and I went to the mall with millions of other people. It was SO FUN because of the snow, which was pretty rare there. I remember we drove around and around in the mall parking lot just looking for an empty space; not one up front, just one ANYWHERE! HA! Mom was such a sport! --And every time I saute onions and celery in butter I think of Mom Babe and have a picture in my mind of the bread we pulled apart into little chunks for the dressing. I LOVE that smell, and especially since it brings Mom Babe to mind. I sure miss her.
    I hope you make some unforgetably good memories from your first turkey.

    1. Aunt Vicki,
      My sweet family chaos is quite comical! I can't help but laugh and shake my head at myself. I'm so happy!
      I really miss Grandma Babe. I wish she were still here! I feel like I missed out on so many life skills and knowledge that she had because I was younger when she passed away.

  2. Good luck Gracie! I recently learned how to cook a rotisserie chicken. It was a cinch. You'll do fine.
    Your old friend, Alaena

    1. Alaena! So good to hear from you! I'm trying not to be too nervous about my first turkey. I have a good teacher that won't let anything go wrong -- I hope! =)


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