Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Project

So my first project was to organize the coat closet.  Here is our "coat closet":

As you can see it wasn't crazy unorganized.  Just a little bit of clutter.  It was a perfect first project, though!  The second tip on this gal's site is the 3 baskets tip for the laundry room.  You may be thinking,
"Easy!  Whites, dark colors, light colors."  That's what I thought of anyways.  As a matter of fact, one is for items that need to be hand washed, another for clothes that need mended, and the third for items you intend to donate.

I think I'm going to revamp this a little bit..  We don't own much that needs hand washed, but I will make a place for clothes that need mending.  Also, I plan on going through everyone's clothes and donating a bunch that we do not wear anymore -- or they simply do not fit.  Not really something to take a picture of, huh?

So today will be my clothes day.  Fun, fun, fun!

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