Monday, June 25, 2012


This is another beautiful saying that I need to frame and put somewhere in my house so I see it everyday.  Zoe tells the biggest stories and she thinks she is SO funny -- but I have no idea what she's saying.  I laugh with her and tell her how funny she is anyways because I want her to always have a relationship with me where she feels comfortable telling me all the little things that seems to important to her.

There are times when I feel I'm a bit more impatient and I will realize I'm more snappy with her "stories" than I am happy.  When I realize that happens, I immediately stop what I'm doing, give her a big hug, and listen and laugh to whatever she's telling me.  I love that girl so much and I don't ever want to take her for granted.

It seems so easy to "not have time" for our little ones, isn't it?  Dishes needs washed, laundry needs folded, items need to be picked up and put away.. but then I realize that I left home to marry my husband when I was only 18.  The thought of Zoe or Max leaving and me regretting not being there for them scares me to death.

Sometimes Paul may come home and the dishes are stacked up or the living room is a mess, and I feel bad for that.. but I know that my chores didn't get accomplished because I was spending time with my babies.  They needed me that day.  Of course I always do my best to have the house clean AND enjoy my babies.. but sometimes little ones need extra love and care.

God, forgive me for sometimes having a short temper with my children.  Sometimes the days get stressful; potty training isn't happening the way I like it to, Max is crying because he simply chooses to be mad, Zoe tells me no when I tell her to do something..  Life is hard sometimes!  But help me to always be patient and to use loving, yet firm, words to benefit my babies.  Help me to never take Zoe, Max, and our unborn baby for granted.


  1. I love that saying.
    Grace, I think everything you just posted is what any mom could post if they are at home and doing the best they can. It all sounds very familar. But you have your babies and a great husband and God. Life is good. I have to tell myself just that when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Good post.

  2. Hey, Gracie. Today I added you to my blog roll so I can tell when you've posted and I'll remember to come check out what's going on in your life. --LOVE all the pictures and love the quote at the top of this post. It's SOOOOO true. I remember my mom listening to my endless jabbering when I know she would rather I shut up. But she never told me to. She listened. I always tried to do that with my kids, too. I remember listening to Becki with one ear and talking to myself at the same time, reminding myself that if I ever made her feel like she was "intruding" on my life or that something else was more important, I could drive her away and I would be very sad later when she didn't want to share her thoughts and feelings with me.
    You're such a good mommy. I'm so proud of you. I love you lots!
    ~~Aunt Vicki~~

  3. Awesome. I need to remember that too! Even when I have a twin telling me all about a Calvin and Hobbs comic they read, or something I don't have intrest in. BUT whatever they find SO funny or whatever they think is SO great, I need to show them my listening ear :) Thanks for the reminder.


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