Saturday, June 9, 2012

A virtual tour

Both kids fell asleep so I took advantage of the moment and cleaned my living room!  I thought it looked so good I decided to take some pictures and show off my home. =)

When you walk through the front door this is what you're going to see -- my lovely red wall. ♥  I'm very proud of this wall.  Actually, this picture doesn't even do the red justice!  It is very vibrant without being obnoxious.  I love it.

Oh, the junk in the corner is one of Paul's and my summer projects!  We have been collecting different frames and we plan on spray painting them with some oil rubbed bronze stuff.. I don't remember what it's called exactly, but we did it to the lamp you see in the above picture and it looks spectacular!  One day we will FINALLY have pictures of our children and family on the walls. =)

Here is the other side of our living room.  The computer is on the far left.  That is where I work/facebook/Pinterest surf/blog.  The basket in the far right corner is holding hats, scarves, gloves, etc.  I'm not comfortable packing them up yet.  You never know when Montana is going to dump snow on you!

Oh, the box next to the lamp is there for me to pack up some things on the bookshelf.  I just realized I need some newspaper!

A closer look at some of the things in my bookshelf.  I love to go to Sally's and buy old looking books.  I have read some of the ones I buy, but lately I haven't had a chance to read anything.  They still look pretty on my shelf, though.

Here is our wedding sand, a shadow box showing our wedding invitation, and the vase is holding the flowers from my wedding bouquet.

So there you have it!  Welcome to my living room. =)  Now that I started this, I need to show off the rest of my house!  One day at a time.. one day at a time.. =)


  1. Very cute and cozy!! I know.... It always feels super good when things are all freshly clean! :)


  2. Very nice Grace. You bookshelf looks great. I like how you have the books and cars on the shelf.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I love my clean living room!


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