Monday, May 7, 2012


The morning of graduation I was wide awake at 6:30.  I was too excited to sleep any longer!  We got the whole family ready and headed out a little before 9:00.  I dropped Paul off at the main building and then I made my way to the gym.  I was the first to get there, so Zoe and I did our best to find a good, open spot since we were expecting quite a few to come and watch.

It was quite a struggle to save spots all by myself, especially since people were piling in and the gym was filling fast!  Thankfully people started to come in that I was waiting for and we all were able to sit together.

It was so exciting to see Paul come into the gym wearing his cap and gown!  My eyes may have welled up a bit.. maybe.

Where's Waldo.. I mean, Paul?

And here he is!  Our handsome graduate!

I had kind of fallen behind in the crowd when we all were leaving the gym because I had to wave at my parents who were watching online.  That was fun!  When I got outside, though, I had a hard time finding anyone I knew.  I finally broke through the crowd and found my Paul.

It may be funny to some, but I still tear up when I think about when I finally found him and ran to give him a big hug!  I can tell even by the way he hugged me back that we both felt the same thing -- relief!  I am so, so, so proud of Paul and his accomplishments!  I cannot say it enough!

Paul has worked so incredibly hard these past four years.  There were plenty of times I had to stand on the sidelines as hard as it was for my jealous self.  I knew it would be worth it one day...and it was. =)

I can't help but laugh at our little family picture!  Zoe was very hot in her shoes and socks when we were in the gym so they had been taken off and never put back on.  Max just looks like Max.  Haha!  My handsome butterball baby!  Doesn't he look so tough with his fists?

After graduation we had dinner at our local Mexican restaurant and then we had cake and party afterward.  It was a lot of fun celebrating with Paul on his special day!

It is 9:40 and Paul is still in bed.  I'm not going to wake him.  He has 4 years of sleep he needs to catch up on. =)


  1. Wahoo! So happy for y'all. This starts a new and exciting chapter.


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