Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm addicted

One of my cousins posted this on Facebook just for me.  I think it best describes my mornings. =)

Zoe woke up around 7:30 this morning and I felt just like Garfield.  I grumbled and complained all the way to the coffee pot.  Just one swig and I was a different person!

I love my magic potion I like to call coffee.♥

How do non-coffee drinkers function?!

What a boring life.. ;)

I think I've been addicted to coffee since before 2.  My Grandma Babe and Aunt B would slip me a spoonful here and there when they thought no one was looking.  I even remember being at a restaurant with my Aunt B and BEGGING her for a drink.  She finally let me take a drink from her mug and I remember thinking it was so heavenly.. that hot, vanilla flavored coffee..

When I worked at coffee shops I had access to all the coffee I wanted.  I took advantage of that.  My addiction got so bad I could drink a 10-shot caramel frappe without feeling a thing.  I don't even know if my own mother knows that!  Don't worry, Mom, I don't do that anymore..

I.  Love.  Coffee.

I now live in a town where 2-shots is risky.  If I told anyone what I used to drink back in the day they would fall over!  I love it hot, iced, strong, dessert-like, I don't care.

Paul and I are planning a trip to Great Falls soon.  Do you know what's first on my list?



  1. Love this picture. This is so me... I can't get moving without coffee. When Butte put in a starbucks it was quite possibly the best day of my life!

  2. You are so lucky! I don't know if Havre will ever get a Starbucks.

  3. I gotta have my Starbucks! The town I live in don't have one either:-( But I do get it at least once a week. It is my addiction to. Then there is also buying it and making it at home to get threw the times with out it.


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