Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrilled. To. Death.

Woo. Stinking. Woo.
As you can see from the picture above, I am thrilled. to. death. that I made it to 40 weeks.  I'm just jumping for joy.  Can you see it?  Can you see the thrill written all over my face?

Today is my due date.  From here on out I'll be overdue - and the thought makes me want to punch someone in the face.  Though it's a tough decision, I think I'll start with my doctor and work from there. =)

My next appointment isn't until Wednesday this week.  I've been going weekly on Tuesday long enough that changing to Wednesday for this week seems way too long to wait!  But don't worry, I don't see Max doing anything crazy before then.  So we'll wait for Wednesday to FINALLY get here in order to beg Dr. L to schedule an induction just to wait another few days.. maybe a week.. before that works out.

Jesus help me..

I need divine strength right now.  After my previous post talking about allowing God to be in contro, I felt more at peace about everything.  Sure I still felt disappoint every once in awhile, but I didn't allow myself to feel depression because I knew everything was in God's hands.

But let me just tell you a little something..

I am uncomfortable.  I find no relief in standing, sitting, or lying down.  Paul had to literally roll me over today because I could not do it by myself because I was so sore.  It makes me feel like a turtle on my back.  I am not a turtle, I'm a human being.  Humans shouldn't feel like upside down turtles.

I do not like to waddle.  I feel like a penguin.  I am not a penguin, I am a human being.  Humans should not waddle.

I have resulted to wearing sweat pants and my husband's t-shirts.  They may seem comfy, but I do not feel cute.  All of my maternity clothes are "shrinking" because I have never been this far along before.  I feel like a whale.  Again, I am not a whale - I am a human being.  Humans should not feel like a 100 ton mammal.  I want to wear MY jeans.

Here are just 3 examples of how I feel about arriving to my due date - and still no baby.


  1. Big hugs!! Just imagine how giant I would be if I ever got to 40 weeks! You look amazing, and I am hoping little guy surprises you and your water breaks today! Oh and I am 23 weeks and yeah... Rolling over in bed is the most painful process ever, like I cry as I do it. So MORE hugs to you, because it's the worst!

  2. Grace, you may not feel like you look adorable but you do! I love the 40 week belly! Praying Max comes soon!

  3. Despite the lack of joy on your face, Grace, You Look Great! I sure hope Max is making some quick progress and the dr appt goes well today.


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