Monday, September 26, 2011

Family of four

I look forward to Sundays for many reasons.  I love going to Sunday school, worshipping in song service, listening to sermons, etc.  Sunday is such a wonderful day to just reflect on the Lord and all of the wonderful things He has done for us.

But there's something else that happens on Sundays that I love too..

Family time.

Yesterday morning Paul brought Zoe to bed with us, and there were were, all four of us laying in bed together.

I dreamt about the day when there would be kids laying between Paul and I in our bed.  I knew it would be the best feeling in the world.  I just had no idea just how amazing it would be when it finally happened.

Have you stopped to give your babies hugs, kisses, and tell them you love them today?  Have you held them close and breathed in the smell of their hair -- the smell of outside, baby lotion, or just the smell of them?

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