Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer = B.U.S.Y.

This is probably the busiest summer I have ever had in my entire life.

I remember the summers when I would have piles of books sitting next to my bed, I would stay up ridiculously late and read or talk on the phone with friends -- ok mostly Paul before we got married, sleep in till almost noon, go to sleepovers, have sleepovers, spend the afternoon tanning.. not that it did any good.  Ha!

Summer just isn't the same after you grow up.  In some ways, it's better!  In other ways.. harder.  Yes, you can stay up ridiculously late to read a book or watch a movie with friends and family, but unfortunately you can't sleep in till almost noon because kids wake up, they need diaper changes and need to be fed breakfast.

Work calls your name. every. day. whether you like it or not.

People come to visit.  This. is. the best. thing. ever.  So far Paul and I have had my parents and siblings, friends from Alaska, and Paul's cousin from Washington.  We have had a blast!  I love having people in my home.  I will miss summer when everyone goes back home and doesn't travel because of winter weather.

I. Love. Summer.

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