Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day

So I have a little confession. It's not a big deal. We've all been there. And yet some of us (me) continue to struggle with it.

Cleanliness. Organization. Tidiness.

So I had a bright idea -- with the help of my MIL -- and am trying something new.

Kids need chore charts to show them what they need to get done everyday, right? I'm not any different. So I put together a chore hart for myself with everything that I need to get done on there. You know -- make the bed, pick up all of the laundry, start a load, etc. Today is my first day doing it and I think I found something that works!

There was only one downfall..

Braxton hicks.

Yes, yes.. I shouldn't have them yet, but I did because I was overdoing it. So I need to remind myself -- Rome wasn't built in a day, why should this be any different -- for a pregnant woman?

Tomorrow I'll try and get a couple MORE things done on my list, and then one day it will be easy peasy lemon squeezey for me to accomplish everything everyday.

P.S. Paul doesn't know about this.. :)

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