Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter pictures

Guess what?  I'm using the laptop right now. :)  Crazy, huh?  I can't wait for school to be over so I can use it more often -- mostly so I can upload more pictures of Zoe.  And maybe a couple here and there of my growing belly.

Here are a few pictures of Zoe's first Easter.  I just realized that the pictures of all of us dressed up in our church clothes is on Paul's iPhone so you'll have to wait till then to see how adorable Zoe was in her pink princess dress!

This pot held a few mini eggs.  The perfect size for Zoe!

Picking up another egg.

What is this thing??

My hands are full.. how do I get that one?

There are some other pictures I need to snatch from friends of her holding her two little eggs with a tight grip while she's sleeping.  It is so adorable!  She loved those little eggs!  Daddy claimed the prizes inside. ;)

It was a pretty good day for our little family.  Later on I'll post some more.. maybe even a couple of Paul and I!

How do you like the little changes to my blog?

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