Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What part of NO! do you not understand?

I am so thankful Paul was able to come with me to take Zoe to her first doctor's appointment since her jaundice scare when she was first born.  Zoe's doctor had a long waiting list so we saw someone else instead. Big. Mistake.  The nurse that took care of Zoe was fantastic!  I really liked her.  But as soon as the doctor walked into the room Zoe's attitude changed.  She started to fuss and wanted to snuggle with me immediately.

I will not mention any names because I do live in a small town and I don't want news to travel that I'm dissing someone on my blog and it get back to them.  HA!!  So the doctor will remain nameless.

So like I said, Zoe's mood changed as soon as this doctor walked into the room.  She did the normal check-up stuff that doctors are supposed to do, and the more she did the more Zoe cried.  The doctor asked us some questions about Zoe; does she pass items from one hand to another? can she roll over?  blah blah blah?  We answered all of her questions, and we both could tell that this doctor was acting strange.. like she was on the verge of calling CPS!  No joke.

The doctor put Zoe on her tummy, checked her hips, pulled her up by her arms, etc.  Through it all I Zoe was crying and flopping all over the place -- just like she always does when she cries -- basically she was acting slightly dramatic.

After it was all said and done the doctor told Paul and I that we needed to make an appointment for Zoe to see a physical therapist because her muscle tone wasn't where she liked it to be -- while my daughter sat up completely by herself without anyone's help whatsoever.

Paul and I were pretty annoyed.  We know our daughter and we know that she is just fine -- she just had a bad day because even she knew this doc was.. well, one of those doctors who tries to strike fear in parents!!

Needless to say we did not schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, and though there was still a waiting list for Zoe to see her actual doctor, we were added.

Well, this morning, they called me to make an appointment with a physical doctor.  I told them we were not going to have Zoe go to any physical therapist at this time because the doctor she visited wasn't even her own doctor.  I thought we were ok after that phone call, but later today I got a phone call from the doctor saying she talked to Zoe's doctor and had important information to tell me.  Thankfully I didn't answer and she had to leave a voicemail.  I won't call her back, but I'm having a feeling she'll call again until I answer.  Ugh!

What part of NO!!!! do you not understand?!?!

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  1. Pshhh... That makes me so mad. Ugh, spit. Growl. Grr. Arg. And all that.

    Can you find another Dr.
    Even if you drive to another town?
    That is pathetic.
    Some people stink. Stinky McStink Bombs!

    And honestly.... Google her reviews. HA! You probably aren't the only one!


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