Friday, January 28, 2011

The secret is revealed:

Tuesday morning:
Thank you Jesus!  I can finally breathe again!  What a second.. ::hurl::  Uh oh..

I guess traded my cold for a completely new sickness.  It will last for about nine months.  Yep, Paul and I are expecting baby #2 -- ALREADY!!

I think a lot of people are shocked about this little surprise.  Most have asked if I'm happy, and because I am, they are happy too.  Paul and I are ecstatic!  Yes, these kids will be about 14 months apart, but you can't deny that they will be the best of friends.  I came from a family who had a new baby in the house almost every year it seemed and it was always exciting!  We are slightly hoping for another girl because we have some great names picked out, but if God chooses to bless us with a son I will be so thrilled.  Just think, a little boy to follow in his dad's footsteps!  I would love that.

My first doctor's appointment is next month and then we'll know more about what's going on.  All I know is that I'm sick as a dog and want to sleep all. the. time.  Cleaning around the house is difficult because every other minute I'm dry heaving over something pathetic.  That's the part I really don't look forward to experiencing for 9 months..

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  1. That is such amazing news!!! Congratulations! I look forward to reading more as you go through this pregnancy. YAY!!!!!!


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